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Training Children Childcare and Learning Center (TCC) was founded in 1997 in Antioch, CA. The founder/owner, Stacie Roundtree, began TCC simply as a home school mom homeschooling her three-year-old son.

As time went on, parents in the community became interested in the academic and "High Scope" learning styles offered at TCC. With its small class size, comfortable indoor/outdoor environments, and friendly teaching staff, TCC grew at a rapid pace from the beginning.

15 years later, Training Children is host to a very diverse community within their school and learning center. TCC is extremely involved in its community, a member of Preschool Make a Difference (PMD), has a traveling music group called Children with Voices, and participates in various other community outreaches. In addition, Training Children Childcare and Learning Center has an After School Program, Summer Program, Reading club, a company van, class field-trips, and is a desirable place for young people to thrive, families to grow, and learning to increase for all. 

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