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Our goal is to give all of our children the opportunity to learn and grow through hands-on experience. This summer, teachers and families team up to find ways of raising money to help cut the costs of field trips and classrooms items used on a daily basis throughout the year. To do so, the children and staff of TCC have come together and developed the following ways to earn funds for these activities.

Upcoming Fundraisers

JULY 2013:

BBQ & Chicken Dinner Sale:

It's back!! This month, the TCC will once again be offering delicious BBQ and Chicken dinner plates to both families and the community. All proceeds will raise money for field trips during our summer break for families and teachers.

Dates: July 11th, 2012 & July 31st, 2012

Price: $12.00 per plate

How Can YOU Help??

We need Donations:

  • Large cans of green beans

  • To-Go box3es

  • Potato Salad

  • Rolls

  • Desserts

  • Money for the Meat

All forms of these types of donations would be greatly appreciated

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