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Stacie Roundtree was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1962 to a middle class family with four other siblings. Growing up in Ohio, her God mother was a teacher as well as a Child Development Major; so Stacie was surrounded by an affinity for children her entire life. She loved to play school all the time and was the local babysitter for both her family and everyone in the neighborhood.

In 1986, Stacie move to California and worked in real estate for approximately 10 years. During this time, she also served in the children’s ministry at her church and found a higher calling toward the development of young minds. After much prayer, Stacie and her husband, Zarvar, agreed that she would quit her job and begin homeschooling their then three-year-old son full time. Soon she added a second student, another three-year-old of a close family friend, and before she knew it, Training Children Childcare & Learning Center was born.

Since then, Stacie has gone back to school to receive a degree in Child Development, holds a Site-Supervisor Teacher's Permit from the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and has dedicated her life to the growth of young hearts and the development of the "whole-child." Stacie has been a volunteer at the County Board of Education in their Legal Compliance Office for the past 14 years as a Social Content Reviewer. She has been a part of Preschool Make a Difference Program (PMD), and worked with First Five Families and Los Medanos College as a Professional Growth Advisor (PGA). She has also received countless accolades for her commitment to education and is seen as an outstanding citizen in her community. To this day, she says that it is the children themselves who keep her going, “Their energy and enthusiasm to learn; their innocence and intriguing minds keep me learning and inquiring to learn more.”

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