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Training Children prizes itself in providing quality childcare for our children and families of our community. This is done with a diverse and well-experienced staff dedicated to the development of the whole child--socially, educational, and individually. TTC staff is comprised of both full-time and part-time employees, interns, and summer program tutors who are training to one day go into the educational field. All full-time and part-time staff are required to take Child Development College courses to further their growth as teachers and mentors. All interns are encourage to participate in Child Development Workshops given by their local Childcare Council or neighborhood Community Center.

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Mrs. Vicki McGhee

Job Title: Lead Teacher/Administrator

"Your attitude determines the season you enter. So dream big and reach for the stars!"


As a lead teacher, Vicki’s responsibilities include assisting each teacher in the classroom with activities, making sure there is a positive climate at all times, and providing Mentorship Support to all staff. As administrator, her main goal is to keep TCC and TCC staff current by attending various community workshops such as the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP), Preschool Makes a Difference (PMD), and with other training modules that help support TCC staff. Vicki has had over 24 years experience working with children and has been with Training Children since the beginning.  

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Ymani Davis

Job Title: School-Age Facilitator

“It's not what is pour into a student that counts, but what is planted.”

Ymani Davis has had over nine years experience working with children and was inspired by her siblings to work with kids in early childhood development. Her siblings have motivated her to be a positive role model for all children so that one day, these children will also be inspired to do great things and accomplish their dreams. Ymani loves Mexican food and enjoys dancing, eating, basketball, and laughing as well. Ymani loves kids and feels this is where she belongs.

Mr. Clarence "CT" McGhee III

 Job Title: School-Age Teacher’s Aid

“Knowledge and success can only be accomplished with practice and precision.”


Clarence, better known as CT, has been working with children for three years now and has been an official staff member of TCC for approximately a year. As a student at Los Medanos College, his research on children and child development has really carried out his inspiration for working with kids. Some of his duties include working close with the school-age facilitator, executing planned activities and playing an important role in the homework club. CT’s favorite food is cereal (Captain Crunch to be exact) and in his spare time he likes to write poetry, music, and pursue his scholastic studies. He also loves to dance and is a Hip-Hop choreographer for a local dance company.

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Mr. Caleb Roundtree

Job Title: School-Age Teacher’s Aid

“Being a TCC Staff member will help me to be a great parent when I have kids of my own.”


Caleb has been working with children for four years and has been an employee with Training Children for the last three years. It was natural for him to jump into the child care scene due to the fact that he has been around children and child development his entire life. He is also very active in his local church serving on the "Dream Team" by assisting in the children's ministry, working with the sound ministry, and serving as a greeter and usher. Caleb’s favorite food is Mexican Cuisine and he loves to dance, play soccer, and hang out with his friends and family in his spare time. 

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Mr. Michael Davis

Job Title: Teacher's Aide

"I love working with the kids...they're cool!" 


As an intern, Michael works closely with the toddler’s lead teacher by assisting in art activities, snack time, and most field trips. Michael teaches the children designing and animation during summer breaks, and during the summer program, his lead role is to instruct young children in computer and animation design. Michael enjoys drawing cartoons and anime, hopes to one day become a graphic designer, and Hot Dogs are his favorite food ever!

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