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How to Use the Web Store:

Though at first it may seem a little confusing, once you get a feel for it, purchasing TCC products and making payments online is a breeze using our 24/7 Web Store. To help you get started, here are some instructions to guide you through the basics. Click one to read more information:

About the Web Store

The TCC Web Store operates just like any other online store (,, etc.). So, no matter if your buying merchandise or making a weekly payment, the purchasing guidelines are exactly the same--quick and easy checkout/processing!

Purchasing Guidelines

There are only FOUR easy steps to making purchases and payments using the TCC Web store: 

(Click the “more help” tab below each step for more details)

Step 1: Set up a FREE Paypal account.

Step 2: Browse the Web Store.

Browse the Web Store for the payment/product you want to pay for.

Step 3: Select and Add To Cart

Once you find the payment/product you are looking for, select it to add it to your cart

(if necessary, repeat steps one and two until your have selected all the merchandise you want to buy.

Step 4: Checkout

Finally, click "Checkout" to complete your purchases!!

Set-Up Paypal Account

IF you do not already have one, setting up a Paypal account is quick, easy, and absolutely FREE!

Click here to visit the Paypal homepage OR select the tab below to set-up your very own account now!

Browsing the Web Store

Browsing the Web Store Menu

The following will teach you all you need to know in order to find what your looking for within our Web Store. Click to read more about:

Payment Packages

Payment Packages: What are payment packages exactly?

I. To make payments online, you must first search the web store for the correct payment to meet your needs.

2. These payments are known as “Payment-Packages.” (All payment-packages are based on the Training Children Rates and Pricing sheet posted both here on the site as well as in the paperwork you received during enrollment).

3. Each payment-package is made up of a three requirements:

     I. The age group of the child (infant, toddler/pre-k, school-age, etc.)

     II. The enrollment status of the child (full-time, part-time, daily, etc.)

     III. The type of package rate (either Regular rates (Reg.) or Evening/Weekend rates (EWR))

When searching for the payment package you wish to buy, these are the only three things you must know!

Browsing methods

I. Search Engine:

Use keywords in the search engine at the top of the Web Store to find the "payment package" or merchandise you desire.

II. Browse by category:

Located below the search engine is a list of categories. These categories group together similar packages and merchandise to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. 

♦ If you’re trying to make a payment toward your pre-k child’s enrollment, you might want you select a category like Toddler/Pre-k Rates. Or perhaps you want to pay tuition for a full-time student; use the Full-time rates category! Enrollment fee due??...Look into the Fees category!

♦ Once you select the category, a list of packages or merchandise will appear that meet that categories criteria. The item you’re looking for should be there!

Purchasing Merchasing

Merchandise purchasing is done in just two easy steps.

I. Simply browse through our merchandise category, select the desired products and add them to your cart.

II. Once you are finished with all your shopping and/or payment needs, head to checkout to complete your transaction

Making Payments

Like stated above, making online payments is done exactly in the same manner as purchasing merchandise or other items. Simply select all the Payment-packages you would like to make payment(s) toward, add them to your cart, and checkout.

Though making payments is very simple and convenient, it can seem a little confusing at first. Here’s some examples to help you get started...

[Example A]

Liza has a 3-year-old son enrolled full-time, Monday-Friday, at TCC. Her payment requirements would be as follows;

o Age group: toddle/pre-k

o Enrollment status: Full-time

o Package Rate: Regular Rate

All Liza would need to do now is find the payment-package that fits these specific requirements. The package she would choose would be this:


  • All packages are based on either weekly or daily payments for ONE single child.

  • Parents with more that one child enrolled at TCC must select the appropriate payment-package for EACH child separately.

  • If more than one child uses the same payment –package, you may simply change the quantity amount to match the amount of children.

  • Add all he selections to the cart one-by-one, and then checkout.

  • Remember, every package covers payment for ONE child only.

[Example B]

Henry has twin 8-year-old girls who attend TCC in the afternoons, Monday-Friday (plus evenings). His payment requirements would be as follows:

o Age group: school-age

o Enrollment status: part-time

o Package Rate: Evening/Weekend Rates (EWR)

Henry would now choose the following package with a quantity of 2:    



  • Each payment package has a different photo as well as title.

  • Please make sure you read your section title and details carefully before proceeding to checkout.

Selecting & Adding to Cart

Once you have found a product (be it a payment-package, merchandise, etc.)...

1. Viewing your Selection

Click on the product to view the "Product Profile." This profile gives a more detailed description of the product or payment you have selected

Product Profile [Sample]:

2. Adding to Cart

  • Once you decide the product is for you, click the "Add to Cart" tab at the bottom of the screen to place the item in your cart.

  • This will take you to "Your Cart."

  • If you want to search for more items, click the [<<view all="" products] tab in the top-left corner of the screen to go back to the web store and browse for more products.

  • Continue this process until you have accumulated all necessary items.


When your cart is ready, hit the "checkout" button to complete all transactions. Easy as pie!


You must have a Paypal or Google Checkout account set-up prior to the completion of any TCC Web Store Transaction. To find out more info on the why and the how of setting up these types of accounts, click here. OR to get started setting up your free Paypal or Google Checkout account immediately, click here.

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