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About Us

Why Us?

  • Training Children Childcare and Learning Center is big on building good child-teacher-parent relationships!

  • Training Children Childcare and Learning Center (TCC) is a profit organization for early childhood development based in the East Bay Area (Antioch, CA.).

  • We are a privately run, in-home, christian family childcare, preschool & and learning center a in operation since 1997.

Our Strengths

  • Preschool Program

  • After School Program

  • Summer Program

  • Reading Club

  • Homework Club

Affiliated Programs

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Our History

Training Children Childcare and Learning Center (TCC) was founded in 1997 in Antioch, CA. The founder/owner, Stacie Roundtree, began TCC simply as a home school mom homeschooling her three-year-old son.

As time went on, parents in the community became interested in the academic and "High Scope" learning styles offered at TCC. With its small class size, comfortable indoor/outdoor environments, and friendly teaching staff, TCC grew at a rapid pace from the beginning.

15 years later, Training Children is host to a very diverse community within their school and learning center. TCC is extremely involved in its community, a member of Preschool Make a Difference (PMD), has a traveling music group called Children with Voices, and participates in various other community outreaches. In addition, Training Children Childcare and Learning Center has an After School Program, Summer Program, Reading club, a company van, class field-trips, and is a desirable place for young people to thrive, families to grow, and learning to increase for all.

Our Philosophy

The Training Children Childcare philosophy is to build a strong family- teacher-community relationship that includes spiritual growth, diversity, and a vision that meets the needs of "The Whole Child."

Developmentally, our philosophy meets the needs of children age's two to twelve years of age and also aims to provide enrichment that will enhance each child's cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical development. 

Our Mission

  • We believe in focusing on teaching young children according to the stage in which they are currently in, as well as incorporating anti-bias curriculum with Christian techniques that are spiritual based while using developmentally appropriate practices.

  • We believe in providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment for our children, families, and staff that will build a foundation with respectful-discipline.

  • We believe by implementing a daily schedule which includes family participation, each child will have the choice to learn through play, exploration of the environment as they learn to problem solve, and have personal interaction with their friends, family members, and teachers.

  • We believe in providing teacher training that will build strong leadership for our program and mentor-ship to families and people of the community.    

Our Goal & Vision

The Goal:

"The goal of Training Children Childcare & Learning Center is to provide enrichment that will enhance each child's cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical development."

We also seek to encourage family participation which plays an important role in helping parents explore in their child's education and future.

The Vision:

The vision of Training Children Childcare & Learning Center is to enable the next generations a great foundation for learning and social growth for years to come. We see ourselves expanding to meet the needs of a multitude of families simultaneously. Our vision includes a larger facility which will offer more space for more growth. Growth like more openings to children and families in need of care and providing more quality jobs for aspiring teachers within the community. With faith, we believe for God to continue to enlarge our territory, that every child may have an opportunity to learn and experience the love of God with us here at Training Children.

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